How to choose the right accessories for your 4×4

There are many reasons why people all over the world and Australia alike are turning towards 4×4 ownership. Perhaps they like the excitement aspect of barreling over rough terrain and crashing through pools of water at breakneck speed as they put their vehicles off-road capabilities to the tryst, or maybe they enjoy the peace of mind that a 4×34 gives them while they are going about their activities, knowing that the vehicles is extra durable and resistant to flipping due to the wider wheel base. And some people actually require them to perform their work, such as contractors and agricultural staff who need to haul large amounts of weight over sometimes uneven surfaces.

However, many people don’t realize that what really makes a 4×4 work for you are the optional accessories that you put on the vehicle. Normally these are placed to enhance some already present feature and practical use, such as more powerful headlamps. Sometimes these accessories are more along the lines of making the most out of what you have, like storage solutions and sometimes they are merely recreational like having a grill those folds out of the back of the car for those memorable family camping trips. So let’s take a look at some of the more sensible and useful 4×4 accessories that you can go for.


Now this is probably not new information to you if you have owned a 4×4 before, however if you are a newbie to the scene then you might not be aware that the stock tires that come pre-installed on your 4×4 are not the most suitable for all applications and indeed the tires that come on most modern 4×4’s are designed to be smooth and not create loud noises when driving down super smooth highways, which is great for those who use it for their commute to work and to pick the kids up from school. However these particular tires should never be considered off-road worthy. So make sure for your own safety and the condition of your car to get the tires that are most suitable for what you want form the car.

If you are buying your car new then this is probably something that your dealer will go through with you. Probably not for your convenience but normally for the extra commission that they will earn, not too say that they will be priced at a surcharge but it is a possibility. So before you agree to easy extra money for different tires from the dealership, be sure to take a look at the prices from local independent suppliers before you commit to anything from them to make sure that you get the most from your money.

Roof Rack

It doesn’t really matter why you have a 4×4, the wisdom in having a roof rack is pretty much universal. At some stage if you use your car for your work you will inevitably run out of space on some particularly big jobs. Yes you could make two trips but not only is that costing you more in fuel, it’s also potentially degrading many different components of your car in the process, particularly if what you are carrying is heavy. Meanwhile a roof rack can be purchased and installed for sometimes under $100 which over a number of jobs will definitely save you more than that in the long run.

So make sure that you choose a suitable rack for your vehicle, and while they can be a lifesaver in a tight pinch, bear in mind that it’s not particularly wise to store large or heavy items on the roof, both for your safety and the condition of the paint on the vehicles roof.


Extra Storage


Of course an ever popular option for all different kinds of 4×4 users’ is to expand the already generous storage with a few organized boxes or drawers that can be easily affixed into the back. Normally these have a dual functionality of not only storing more individual items securely than you could before, but it also helps you to organizer them more efficiently. Meaning when you need wire clippers, you can find them in the correct draw instead of trawling through different bags of equipment lying here there and everywhere.

So get out there and d some research in the best kind of accessories for the things that you plan on doing with your new vehicle!