What to look for in a memorial stonemason

There are many ways of remembering somebody who meant a lot to us, some of them are open displays of sorrow or joy at the memories that you share with friends and family, other times they are secret ones that only you and they know about, and will stay that way until the day you too pass on. And some are actually placed above the deceased’s grave to indicate whose grave it is as well as leave a final lasting marker for generations to come. And while it doesn’t make their passing any easier, it is a comforting feeling to have a physical and mental reminder of where that person is buried to visit on important occasions.

It’s one of the hardest things that you can do and going through this long and sometimes emotionally difficult task of conceiving and designing the memorial that will be placed in the graveyard. To do this most people will need to employ the services of a trustworthy and well established monumental stonemason for the design and crafting of any kind of memorials. And in this article we will try to impart some advice as to how to find the best one in your local area.



Now obviously this is an extremely important and in a lot of ways quite personal task that you are entrusting to this tradesmen whose services you have probably never even considered using, yet you have to trust this guy to come up with a beautiful, fitting and on- budget piece of craftsmanship that will immortalize the memory of somebody dear to you for years to come. So you only want to deal with a stonemason who has an impeccable reputation in your local area, as generally, there is a reason why a stonemason might have a bad reputation and you don’t want to have to go through the same problems as their other previous clients.

So before you even go to visit a stonemason for such an important job you should have already given them and their company a Google search to see exactly what people who commissioned their headstones with them in the past have to say about their service. You ideally want to be seeing lots of people talking about the quality of the memorial, the sympathetic and delicate approach they have when it comes down to discussing the details with you and a fair price for their work.

Examples of previous work

Now as with any kind of creative industry, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that the stonemason themselves should have previous picture s of a lot of their work that they have done in the past. In fact so much is this requested that many companies have even gone to the lengths of crafting an entire portfolio book of high resolution photo’s that give their potential customers a thorough and genuine look at what kind of quality the workmanship of this particular stonemason’s is and whether or not you want to use them. This is the sign of a good stonemason, one that lets their work speak for itself.

In the book you should ideally be able to fin d a variety of pictures of all of the different products that they could offer you and really the photographs themselves have to be in high quality and at a high resolution in order to get the best possible overview of the work. They should also have several pictures of the crafting process to give you an idea of the kind of work that goes into making a headstone like this, this will help give you an idea of how much labor is involved in turning a slab of polished stone into a tombstone piece.


Now, usually stonemasons are family businesses and as with funeral directors, one of the utmost important skills that is handed down is how to treat and deal with people who have lost a loved one and are in the deep stages of grief professionally and with the utmost sympathy and understanding. They should be patient and kind and ready to offer you their advice and assistance should you need it. As with the funeral director, they will be a cool headed and organized influence on the process and should be able to easily guide you through all of the steps required to get you the headstone that your loved one deserved.