How to choose the right electrician

Whether you are planning a major overhaul of your current homes electrics, planning to build an extension where you will require electrical fittings or just in general look to explore different ways of using the electrics in your home to make it more desirable, it is absolutely essential that you exclusively trust this important and sometimes dangerous work to only a qualified and experienced tradesman who solely specializes in dealing with electrical currents and wiring. Obviously due to the dangerous nature of electricity in general and to the complications that can occur if improperly attended to and can cause a significant delay and expense if this is to occur.

However it can be difficult to assess on face value whether or not the electrician who is quoting you in the moment is the right tradesman to handle your issue or not and everybody by now has heard of the horror stories that come from taking on tradesmen and construction services without properly checking their past work and references to ascertain whether they are most suitable. Hopefully then we can take a look at some of the more important things that you will want to check when hiring any kind of electrical contractors.


Now as you can imagine, handling and repairing anything to do with high voltage cables requires extensive knowledge of not only electricity, its properties and how to control that current and keep themselves safe, but also how to apply that to your requirements and desires as a customer. Generally this takes several years of tutelage as an apprentice before you are even allowed near anything that could potentially harm you or the projects progress. After all any accident that occurs on the clients property is their responsibility and even with insurance, it’s still not something that you want your customers to have to deal with. Much more then that they really don’t want any accidents to besmirch their reputation both locally and with the authority’s responsible for their licensing.

Even a fully qualified domestic electrician is limited to what he can do safely, for example, anything that even remotely goes near the national grid that your house is connected to cannot even be touched or assessed by a domestic electrician and indeed it’s illegal for him to do so. So when you get your quote make sure to discuss the exact qualifications that they have and what their limitations are in terms of the work that they are authorized to undertake, and most will be happy to be truthful with their answers.



Obviously as any trader themselves will tell you, everything is about reputation in the trades services game and subsequently, goo work and good service will equal a positive reputation and referral their previous companies, which is not only something to be proud of but can also help them acquire extra business off of the back of these referrals and recommendations. There are plenty of places where you can look up what a particular companies or tradesmen that you are considering using for your next project. Some of these can be found by asking your intended tradie for a few referrals that you should be able to call and ask directly about the work that was carried out for them.

Or alternatively you could just do a quick online search of the company you plan on going with and the first thing that comes up should be a list of reviews as well as an overall scoring as by the average score of customers. From this it’s easy to piece together whether they are a reliable and trustworthy provider or not.




Obviously dependent on the size of the job it should be easy for an electrician to give you an accurate timeframe of when he thinks that he can have things turned around by, obviously all of these are estimations and based on him not finding additional problems as he goes along. Remember that he is obliged to fix the electrics to a safe standard and cannot complete a job if doing so without resolving some other issue would cause a significant amount of risk of fire or electrical failure.

However if your electrician sounds like he‘s giving you the runaround as opposed to a solid timeframe then you may want to explore other providers in your area.

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