Why use a flag to promote your business?

Nowadays, with the focus of increasing your digital presence online is pushed as the most important way to generate extra business and increase peoples awareness of your company. But if you’re looking for an attractive and effective alternative to a sign to attract people to your business then you might want to consider using the old-fashioned flag to assist with promoting you and creating interest in your potential customer’s minds. But why choose this over a sign? Let’s look at some of the reasons people commonly cite for using a flag over other forms of free-standing signage.

Variety in design

Free-standing signs are generally kept to particular parameters and sizes this generally done to suit what the majority of what people want or expect to see from a sign. However one of the over-arching benefits of having a flag is that you aren’t limited by what you sign writer stocks; you can have a variety of different designs and shapes not typically available to other forms of free standing signage.


One time cost and low maintenance

Generally, traditional signage is made from either wood or in some cases metal. Wood signs are not designed to be left in the rain and require taking in when the weather turns for the worst.  They are sometimes made from metal, however the problem remains the same as they also rust and degrade in less than ideal conditions. They are also significantly heavier than their wooden counterparts and can be harder to pack and fold away when required. Flag poles are generally more durable, weather proof and easy to fold and put away in extreme weather, they are also easy to repair and cheap to replace the actual fabric element of the flag.

Interchangeable designs

With a lot of flags it is very easy to change the actual banner on the flagpole, weaning it is easy to switch and swap between different promotions and advertisements without any professional help or a long and drawn out period waiting for your sign to get remade. Provided you have several banners to hang on the flagpole, changing your exterior advertising to accurately reflect what is happening with your business has really never been easier.

Greater attention generated

How many signs have you walked past in the past 48 hours? And how many of those signs do you actually consciously remember, maybe 10% of them if you’re lucky. A quick walk around any town centre or other area of business will reveal a veritable plethora of signs and signage of all kinds, all of which are vying for your attention and all trying to convince you of something. Flags stand out as the gentle motion of the wind of the fabric creates that extra level of visibility and is far more likely to attract closer inspection from a passer by.

If you require further assistance or want to know more I recommend you follow this link to a specialist in designing and creating custom flags.