What to look for in a Trophy Engraver

Whether you are working at a school sports day or you want a quirky and unique way to celebrate an employee’s 20th anniversary with your company or maybe you are organizing an award ceremony for your company and want something substantial to hand out on the day. In any case there are certain criteria that you should be aware of when engaging somebody to assist you with producing your selected designs and incorporating your requirements into your trophies.





Why pay all the money to have your trophies made up and then not get the highest cost possible. Generally costs between suppliers shouldn’t vary too much, and if one quote is substantially lower than the rest, this is an indication of the quality that you will receive in the finished product. Of course every engraver claims to make the highest quality trophies available however there is always quality differences between suppliers. Make sure along with a description of the materials, to get the grade level of the materials used. Is this company just a middle man? Or do they stock, engrave and shipfrom their location? If the entire process is provided as a full scale service then the quality of the product along with the reliability of the company is going to be of a higher level.


Along with overall product quality, the quality of the engraving applied to the plaque is also something that needs to be factored in. After all if the  quality of the trophy itself can vary between suppliers then so will the quality of engraving. Ensure that the supplier you choose is capable of engraving the trophy to a standard suitable for your requirements and has the capacity to engrave every matieral you need including glass and crystal. Another factor to consider is the reliability of the supplier; the awards for your schools sports day are of little use 3 days after the fact when the shine has notably faded from the event. Many companies will claim pretty much anything to get your business so make sure you check companies reviews for concerns artound timeframe and delivery. Millennium Engraving is a full service trophy supplier and engraving, follow this link for any questions or concerns regarding the trophy engraving process.


If your management are anything like the ones that we have all worked with then getting them to increase budget for essential things is hard enough, let alone telling them you have gone $300 over budget on trophies for an award ceremony. So it’s important to have realistic expectations of what your budget can actually buy you. Choose a company that provides good quality products at the most reasonable price so be sure to garner quotes from several companies and choose the most appropriate one for your budget. More imprtyantly choose a supplier who is likely to make a memorabvle award for your event, otherwise it becomes a slightly moot point on the day.