Most Iconic Trophies from around the world

Sporting is all about personal and team achievement, the feeling of triumphing over the opposition in fair competition in an event watched by thousands must be an extraordinary feeling. A more amazing feeling must be the sight of the spectacular trophy that is presented to you, the winner, to heft high above your head in front of the jubilated spectators. As such the design of the trophy has to accurately reflect the scale, importance and grandiose of the event at hand and great care is usually taken to create an appropriately impressive symbol of achievement, here are a few examples of trophies that nailed it. Millennium Engraving is a trophy maker who can assist you with creating any trophy you could require. Please click here for more information about trophy engraving.

Americas Cup (Yacht Racing)

The America cup is named not after the nation but rather the name of the first vessel to hold the achievement of winning this trophy. Before the formulation of many modern sports, sailors were racing yachts in order to win this most coveted cup from the Royal Yacht Squadron and it holds the title of the oldest active trophies in the world. The owners of The America donated the cup to the New York Yacht Club in 1857 and remained in their hands awaiting the day somebody could possibly win it back from the incumbents. This didn’t happen until 1983 when the Royal Perth Yacht club trumped the New York Yacht club and became the second holders. However this means there was more than 100 years that it remained in the original winner’s hands, making it statistically one of the hardest trophies to win.

Borg-Warner Trophy (F1 Racing)

When Brazilian driver Helio Castronoves repeatedly kept winning the coveted Indianapolis 500 race, he was presented with a 5 foot and 4 inch beast of a trophy to commemorate, for the third time, his achievement in the field of F1 Racing.  The amusing element comes from the fact that Castronoves was only barely taller than his prize, which as an additional quirk has the face of all the winners faces carefully engraved in the side of the cup, with Castronoves’s face appearing 3 times. Although the winner does not keep the trophy indefinitely, they do receive a smaller 17 inch replica of the real thing, affectionately known as the “baby Borg” to forever commemorate their achievement.

The Lombardi Trophy

All the work that is put in from the winning Super Bowl team, the practice and constant drilling, the nights spent in agony from pushing themselves to the limit, the time missed with family and friends in preparation for this auspicious event, deserves a trophy that accurately reflects the players dedication to their art. The Lombardi cup does not disappoint in this respect, the elegant and stylish trophy that is in the shape of a football on a stand is made from silver and designed by world renowned jewelers Tiffany and Co. And is a testemant to legendary coach Vince Lombardi, who tragically and suddenly died from cancer and was renamed the Lombardi cup from the previous name World Championship Game trophy to honour him.