How to teach your children how to clean

How to teach your children how to clean
Now we are not suggesting that you use your child as some form of cheap labor, but it’s an important and essential skill to learn and starting them off young makes it more fresh in their minds and can lead to them developing healthy cleaning habits for the rest of their lives. But how you teach a young child to clean up after themselves, it’s like teaching anything else in the way it requires patience and kindness to gently encourage them to learn. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Start them young!
Its easier to teach a skill when the child has had it ingrained into them since they were young. Habits developed in childhood more often than not will follow them into their adult life. For young children do not expect them to actually assist you, in fact, you more likely going to have to clean up after them after they make more of a mess than they cleaned. But if you make this process fun and like they are actually helping their parent and gaining your approval. This is something kids crave.

Make it fun!
I want you to think back to a teacher that was boring in school, that one teacher who would drone on in their monotone voice, usually over the age of 40, greying hair, classic suit you know the one. Now applying that to teaching your child to clean, how likely do you think it is that they are going to find the actual act of cleaning fun? How fun do you find it? So the best way to teach is to make it like a game; speed competitions when cleaning the car panels (let them win a lot), or throwing wet soapy sponges at the car and scoring their hits or even drawing competitions or hangman played when washing the windows. All of these are good examples of how to make cleaning into a game that not only can teach but also create some fun memories for your child.

Give them choice
We all have those jobs that we absolutely hate, for me its washing cutlery. And your mistaken if you think that children feel differently, if you force a child to do a job that they just hate then all that will happen is that they will see their chores as annoying or boring. Why make it harder for yourself? All help is help and if your child is more willing to wash windows than clean the dishes then what’s the harm. Not only will you appear as more reasonable to your child but it will also ingrain into them that cleaning that some cleaning is better than nothing. This is a good foundation to start from.

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